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Name: Catherine Zeta Jones
Birth Name: Catherine Jones
Height: 5' 7½
Sex: F
Nationality: British
Birth Date: September 25, 1969
Birth Place: Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales, UK
Profession: actress
Husband/Wife: Michael Douglas (actor, born on September 25, 1944; married on November 18, 2000; 1 son)
Relationship: Mick Hucknall (musician), Jon Peters (producer), Angus MacFadyen (actor), John Leslie (actor)
Father: Dai Jones (Welsh; runs a candy factory)
Mother: Pat Jones (Irish; a seamstress)
Brother: Lyndon Jones (born in 1972), David A. Jones (an executive at Initial Entertainment group; born in 1967)
Grand Mother: Kathleen Fair (died in June 2001)
Son: Dylan Michael Douglas (born on August 8, 2000 at 5:52 pm; father: Michael Douglas)
Daughter: Carys Zeta Douglas (born on April 21, 2003; father: Michael Douglas)
Claim to fame: as Elena Montero in The Mask of Zorro (1998)

Catherine began acting at age 11, playing in a production of Annie and at 13 she starred in a West End production of the musical Bugsy Malone. When Catherine was 16 she took over the lead in David Merrick's 42nd Street. Her first regular television role came in the nostalgic British TV series The Darling Buds of May.

While the U.S. audience was unaware of her work, Catherine was rapidly becoming a star in the UK. In fact, with the popularity of The Darling, Catherine became a mega-star in the UK. Coupled with her role in the four-hour television docu-drama Titanic, Catherine got some attention in the United States. Most importantly, she was noticed by Steven Spielberg, who recommended Catherine for the female lead The Mask of Zorro. She followed up this strong Hollywood debut (which this is now considered despite her appearance in 1986's The Phantom) with the equally successful Entrapment with Sean Connery.Now it seems like everyone knows who Catherine Zeta-Jones is, and will for a good long while if her box-office is any indicator.

2007 Coming Out
2007 Death Defying Acts
2007 No Reservations
2006 Tony Bennett: An American Classic
2005 The Legend of Zorro
2004 Ocean's Twelve
2004 The Terminal
2003 Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
2003 Intolerable Cruelty
2002 Chicago
2001 America's Sweethearts
2000 High Fidelity
2000 Traffic
1999 Entrapment
1999 The Haunting
1998 The Mask of Zorro
1996 Titanic
1996 The Phantom
1995 Catherine the Great
1995 Blue Juice
1994 The Return of the Native
1994 Catherine Cookson's The Cinder Path
1993 Splitting Heirs
1992 Christopher Columbus: The Discovery
1991 The Darling Buds of May: Stranger at the Gates
1991 The Darling Buds of May: A Season of Heavenly Gifts
1991 The Darling Buds of May [TV Series]
1991 The Darling Buds of May: When the Green Woods Laugh
1991 The Darling Buds of May: Oh! to Be in England
1991 The Darling Buds of May: A Breath of French Air
1990 Les 1001 Nuits

2002 Best Supporting Actress Chicago

Broadcast Film Critics Association
2003 Best Supporting Actress Chicago
2002 Best Supporting Actress Chicago

European Film Academy
1999 Best European Actress- People's Choice Award Entrapment

Golden Globe
2002 Best Actress - Musical or Comedy Chicago
2000 Best Supporting Actress Traffic

Screen Actors Guild
2002 Best Supporting Actress Chicago

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Name: Gwen Stefani
Birth Name: Gwendolyn Renee Stefani
Height: 5' 6"
Sex: F
Nationality: American
Birth Date: October 3, 1969
Birth Place: Anaheim, California, USA
Profession: actress, musician
Education: Cal State Fullerton
Husband/Wife: Gavin McGregor Rossdale (lead singer of the band Bush; born on October 30, 1967; met in 1996; engaged on January 1, 2002; married on September 14, 2002 at St. Paul's Church in London)
Relationship: Tony Kanal (No Doubts band mate; b. on August 27, 1970; dated for eight years)
Sister: Jill
Brother: Eric Stefani (former member of No Doubt; born on June 17, 1967), Todd Stefani
Son: Kingston James McGregor Rossdale (born on Friday, May 26, 2006; by Caesarean section at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; weighed 7 1/2 pounds)
Step daughter: Daisy Lowe (born in 1989; father: Gavin Rossdale)
Claim to fame: Lead singer of the band No Doubt


Gwen Renee Stefani born October 3, 1969 is an American singer and the frontwoman of the band No Doubt. Stefani was born in Fullerton, California. Her brother Eric founded No Doubt in 1986 with John Spence, but eventually left the band to pursue a career on "The Simpsons". Gwen became the group's lead singer after original frontman John Spence committed suicide in December of 1987. Following the success of the band's 1995 album Tragic Kingdom, Stefani became highly popular and recognizable; the tension this produced with the other members of the band was touched on by their video for the song "Don't Speak". Many of the album's songs, including "Don't Speak", were inspired by her relationship and breakup with fellow band member Tony Kanal. On September 17, 2002, Stefani married Bush guitarist Gavin Rossdale. Thus far, her solo career has been most recognized for a pair of popular 2001 duets, the "Southside" remix with techno artist Moby and "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" with rapper Eve. In fact, Stefani became the first artist in history to win both Best Male Video and Best Female Video awards at the MTV VMA's, for "Southside" (credited as "Moby featuring Gwen Stefani") and "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" (credited as "Eve featuring Gwen Stefani") respectively, both in 2001. Stefani is currently working on a solo record titled Love Angel Music Baby, scheduled for release on November 22nd/23rd in 2004. Gwen created a sucessful fashion line, named L.A.M.B, which showcases clothing which Gwen would wear herself. The line also includes handbags and purses. Girls and young women who imitate Stefani's distinctive and trendsetting style of dress are sometimes referred to as "Gwenabees."


[18 award(s)] [45 nomination(s)]

2006 : Won Meteor Ireland Music Award
category Best International Female

2005 : Won Billboard Music Award
category Digital Song of the Year for "Hollaback Girl"

2005 : Won Billboard Music Award
category New Artist of the Year

2005 : Won American Music Award
category Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist

2005 : Won World Music Award
category World's Best Selling New Female Artist

2005 : Won International Dance Music Award
category Best Alternative/Rock Dance Track for "What You Waiting For"

2005 : Won Teen Choice Award
category Choice Music Collaboration for "Rich Girl"
shared with Eve

2005 : Won Teen Choice Award
category Choice Music Breakout, Female

2005 : Won Much Music Video Award
category Favourite International Artist for "Rich Girl"

2005 : Won ShockWaves NME Award
category Sexiest Woman

2005 : Won Brit Award
category Best International Female Solo Artist

2005 : Won MTV Australian Video Music Award
category Best Dressed Video for "What You Waiting For"

2004 : Won California Music Award
category Outstanding Female Vocalist

2003 : Won California Music Award
category Outstanding Female Vocalist

2002 : Won Grammy Award
category Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for "Let Me Blow Ya Mind"
shared with Eve

2001 : Won VH1/Vogue Fashion Award
category Rock Style for "Southside"
shared with Moby

2001 : Won MTV Video Music Award
category Best Male Video for "South Side"
shared with Moby

2001 : Won Teen Choice Award
category Choice R&B/Hip Hop Track for "Let Me Blow Ya Mind"
shared with Eve


  • Broke her finger while dressmaking. (May 16, 2006)
  • Her friends treated her to a staggering $35,000 baby shower, two months before her baby is due. (April 22, 2006)
  • Still bears a grudge against the boy she shared her first kiss with on a family trip - because he failed to keep in touch.
  • Denies Madonna's claims that she copied her style. (November 7, 2005)
  • Refuses to attend this year’s MTV Video Music Awards reportedly because she was not asked to perform despite her receiving several nominations for awards. (August 20, 2005)
  • Has been cast in FACTORY GIRL, a movie about Andy Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick. (August 9, 2005)
  • Said that her next solo single ‘Cool’ was inspired by her ex-boyfriend No Doubt bass player Tony Kanal. (June 27, 2005)
  • Has created a new T-shirt to raise cash for the victims of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. (May 13, 2005)
  • Has been named the top fashion icon by British magazine Harpers & Queen. (2005)
  • The red vinyl dress she wore on the cover of No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom album has been stolen from the Fullerton Museum Center. (January 14, 2005)
  • Plans to design for the rest of her life. (2004)
  • Has recently found out from her husband, 36-year-old Gavin Rossdale, that he's the father of Pearl Lowe's daughter Daisy, a 15-year-old London model named Daisy Lowe. (2004)
  • Is getting acting tips from Leonardo DiCaprio for her cameo in THE AVIATOR. (March 10, 2004)
  • No Doubt and Blink 182 will team up for a coheadlining U.S. amphitheater tour beginning June 1 in Indianapolis and wrapping June 26 in San Bernardino, California. (February 5, 2004)
  • Her new line of clothes, L.A.M.B., has all the hallmarks of her singing style, which includes bikini tops, Rasta-inspired colors, low-slung pants, even bum flaps. (October 31, 2003)
  • No Doubt recently shot a video for their new single It's My Life at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles -- It was directed by David LaChapelle, who's best known for his racy and provocative photographs of today's hottest stars. (October 21, 2003)
  • While No Doubt enjoys a break after intense touring activity in support of its 2001 Interscope album, Rock Steady, Stefani is busying herself with a variety of endeavors – She’s been collaborating on some tracks on her own with different people; Stefani has previously lent her vocals to hit songs by Moby (South Side) and Eve (Let Me Blow Ya Mind). (April 22, 2003)
  • No Doubt received the keys to Anaheim Friday at Disneyland, which the band mocked in its 1995 hit album Tragic Kingdom -- lead singer Gwen Stefani even confessed she wanted to work at Disneyland and sing songs at the Disneyland Hotel, and admitted she used to come dancing there. (November 25, 2002)
  • Gwen used to date bass player in the band Tony Kanal. When they broke up she wrote the hit single Don't Speak in memory of their relationship.
  • Sometimes Credited As: Gwendolyn Renee Stefani
  • Nickname: Sunshine, G-loc
  • Trade mark: Red Lipstick
  • Was on her High School swim team.
  • Met fiance Gavin Rossdale (Bush) in 1996 at a concert she was playing at with her band No Doubt
  • Inspired by such musicals as The Sound Of Music, and Annie.
  • Eric, her brother, was the keyboardist for No Doubt
  • Has a small dog named Megan
  • Favorite food: spagetti
  • Is Catholic
  • Favorite movie: THE SOUND OF MUSIC
  • Her prom dress was a remake of the movie BEHIND THE REAR WINDOW
  • Gwen and bandmate Adrian used to have a crush on each other.
  • No Doubt opened up for the Ziggy Marley (Bob Marleys son) concert in 1990. During the tour Gwen would come out on stage in different costumes, such as a wedding dress! She built her fans from then.
  • Gwen wrote Simple Kind Of Life the night before they recorded it.
  • Is the only original member who's still in the band.
  • Auditioned for GIRL INTERRUPTED and FIGHT CLUB.
  • Her grandfather is the guy at the register in the Sunday Morning video.
  • On the Just a Girl video, Gwen's shirt that shes wearing is made from boys underwear.
  • Played the Piccolo in her high school marching band.
  • No Doubt is in the Guiness Book for longest singel at #1, Don't Speak for 16 weeks.
  • During high school, Gwen thought she was chubby, so she joined the swim team.
  • Gwen's red vinyl dress from the cover of Tragic Kingdom is enshirned in a Hard Rock Cafe in Newport Beach, CA.
  • Gavin, Gwen's boyfriend of Bush doesn't like her style of clothing much.
  • Every year makes an annual trip to Knott's Berry Farm.
  • Once while jogging in Paris, Gwen got lost and forgot what hotel they were staying at, so she had to call her father who was back in the USA to get the name and number of the hotel she was at.
  • Has been known to check into hotels under the name Daria Blue.
  • In the Sunday Morning video, the guy laying in the driveway at the beginning is Eric Stefani, the guy on the porch is Donnie, at concerts he use to warm up the crowd before the band would preform, the man at the grocery store is Gwen's Grandfather and the house is Gwen's grandparent's.
  • Performed water ballet in high school.
  • Started wearing the Bindi after attending a party with Tony and his mother, where all the women were wearing them.
  • Tony got his nose pierced after loosing a bet to Gwen, but he forced her to watch him get peireced, and she fainted.
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    Beyonce Knowles


    Name: Beyonce Knowles
    Birth Name: Beyonce Giselle Knowles
    Height: 5' 6"
    Sex: F
    Nationality: American
    Birth Date: September 4, 1981
    Birth Place: Houston, Texas, USA
    Profession: actress, musician
    Education: High School for the Visual and Performing Arts in Houston, Texas
    Relationship: Jay-Z (musician; born on December 4, 1969)
    Father: Matthew Knowles (Destiny's Child's manager)
    Mother: Tina Knowles (designs outfits for all Destiny's Child members)
    Sister: Solange Knowles (musician; born on June 24, 1986)
    Claim to fame: member of Destiny's Child


    Beyonce Knowles is one of the most popular artist from the West. She is one who does not want to be just recognized as a pop artist rather wants her recognition as an artist. This music diva was born on September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas, USA. Her efforts showed its worth in the block buster album "Dangerously in Love" - This album was strong both in terms of music and its lyrics too.

    "Dangerously in Love" is everything you'd expect from Beyonce and more than you could have hoped for. Another side of someone we've loved for years, Dangerously In Love is equally divided between seductive mid-tempos, lush ballads and fiery club bangers, providing a sharp focus on who Beyonce is right now: as a performer, as a woman, and as a creative force to be reckoned with. The vibe is more mature, more playful, more deeply passionate and sexually aggressive. Dangerously In Love is the sound of a grown woman clearly staking her claim in the world and, in the process, redefining expectations of who she is.

    Beyonce Knowles became the first African-American woman and the second woman ever to receive the honor to recieve the 2001 ASCAP Pop Songwriter Of The Year Award for Destiny's Child. Destiny's Child is one of the biggest selling female acts of all time. With many of the group's hit songs co-written and co-produced by Beyonce, Destiny's Child has sold more than 33 million records worldwide. Destiny's Child burst on the scene in 1997 with their multi-platinum single, "No, No, No," from their self-titled album. That success was dwarfed when Destiny's Child's The Writing's On The Wall was released in 1999. The album would go on to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide, driven in part by three Top 10 hits: "Jumpin, Jumpin," "Say My Name" and "Bills, Bills, Bills," which spent 9 weeks at #1 on the Billboard RandB singles chart.

    In 2000 the group recorded Survivor, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Survivor was certified double platinum four weeks after its release and has gone on to sell more than nine million copies worldwide. In 2001 Destiny's Child took home two Grammy awards: Best RandB song ("Say My Name") and Best RandB performance by a Duo or Group ("Say My Name"). Destiny's Child has won numerous other awards, among them Billboard Artist of the year, NAACP Image Awards, American Music Awards, Nickelodeon Kid's Choice and The Sammy Davis Jr. Award for Entertainer of the Year at the Soul Train Awards. The group has toured worldwide and performed at many high profile events including The Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Concert Special and the Concert For New York City.

    Beyonce shares co-executive producer credits on Dangerously In Love with her father and manager Mathew Knowles. She took an active role in all aspects of the album: from writing and choosing material to producing, mastering and mixing the tracks. Beyonce pays tribute to her father on the hidden bonus track, "Daddy," which was produced by Beyonce and Mark Batson.

    The sexy first single, "Crazy In Love," featuring Jay-Z, was co-produced by Beyonce and Rich Harrison. Jay-Z returns the favor for Beyonce's part on his hit "Bonnie and Clyde 03." "Crazy In Love" is about that moment when you realize you're falling into love and looking crazy but you simply don't care. The abandon continues on "Speechless," produced by Fanatic.

    Laced with an Arabic ambience, fused with a ghetto-fied edge and encompassing a sample from Donna Summer's "Love to Love You Baby," "Naughty Girl" is uptempo and party perfect: a sexy fantasy about having that one night where you lose all your inhibitions, head to theclub and work it like a naughty girl.Also sexy is the dancehall-Arabic flavored "Baby Boy," featuring the red hot Sean Paul.

    The same growth as music is evident in Beyonce's burgeoning acting career. In 2001 she starred in MTV's "Carmen." In 2002 she appeared as Foxy Cleopatra in "Austin Powers in Goldmember." This year she will co-star with Cuba Gooding Jr. in "The Fighting Temptations." She has two more features currently in production and can also be seen on the small screen in a series of Spike Lee-directed commercials for Pepsi-Cola. She is also the spokesperson for L'Oreal.


    * The Pink Panther ( 2005 )

    * The Fighting Temptations ( 2003 )

    * 46664 - The Event ( 2003 )

    * Austin Powers in Goldmember ( 2002 )

    * Charlie's Angels ( 2000 )


    Black Reel Awards
    Year : 2004
    Category : Film: Best Song
    For : The Fighting Temptations

    Bet awards
    Year : 2004
    Category : best actress, best r&b female, best collaboration & video of the year

    ASCAP Award
    Year : 2002
    Category : Most Performed Songs from Motion Pictures
    For : Charlie's Angels



    Name: Jay-Z
    Birth Name: Shawn Corey Carter
    Height: 6' 1"
    Sex: M
    Nationality: American
    Birth Date: December 4, 1969
    Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA
    Profession: actor, musician
    Education: Eli Whitney High School in Brooklyn
    George Westinghouse High School in Downtown Brooklyn
    Trenton Central High School in Trenton, New Jersey (did not graduate)
    Relationship: Beyonce Knowles (musician, actress; born September 4, 1981)
    Father: Adnes Reeves (left the family when Jay-Z was 12 years-old)
    Mother: Gloria Carter (founder of Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund)
    Claim to fame: debut album Reasonable Doubt (1996)


    Shawn Corey Carter, 4 December 1969, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA. Raised in Brooklyn, Carter was a school friend of the Notorious B.I.G. He first started releasing records in the late 80s, part-financing his music by hustling. In 1990, he appeared on records by his close friend Jaz ("The Originators") and Original Flavor ("Can I Get Open'), and later scored an underground hit single with 1995"s "In My Lifetime". Drawing on Jaz's dealings with mercenary labels, Jay-Z set-up his own Roc-A-Fella imprint in 1996 with entrepreneur Damon Dash and Kareem "Biggs" Burke. His debut set, Reasonable Doubt, went on to achieve gold sales and produced the US number 50 pop single "Ain't No Nigga"/"Dead Presidents", featuring future rap star Foxy Brown. The album, which reached US number 23 in July, attracted fans with a mixture of hard-hitting street lyrics and rhymes, epitomized by the collaboration with Notorious B.I.G. on "Brooklyn's Finest'. The follow-up In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 was released in the aftermath of Notorious B.I.G.'s murder, and debuted at US number 3 in November 1997. Featuring guest appearances from Puff Daddy, Lil" Kim, Too Short, BLACKstreet and DJ Premier, this sombre and intensely personal album included the stand-out tracks "You Must Love Me" and "Where I'm From".

    Although in demand as a guest artist, Jay-Z found the time to write, produce, and direct the semi-autobiographical short Streets Is Watching. The gold-selling soundtrack introduced several of Roc-A-Fella's rising stars, including Memphis Bleek, Rell and Diamonds In The Rough, and featured the hit single "It's Alright". Jay-Z then became a major star with the hit singles, "Can I Get A ... " and "Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)", the latter built around a line from the musical Annie. One of the more bizarre samples to be used on a hip-hop track, the single nevertheless became an international hit (UK number 2, December 1998/US number 15, March 1999). The album of the same name featured hotshot producer Timbaland, in addition to the usual team of Ski and DJ Premier. Guest rappers included DMX, Foxy Brown and Too Short, on a package that diluted Jay-Z's hard-hitting lyrical edge in an attempt to corner the crossover market. Vol. 2 " Hard Knock Life easily succeeded in its aim, staying at US number 1 for five weeks before finally being deposed by Alanis Morissette's new album. Despite a hectic schedule as a guest producer/writer and rapper, Jay-Z still found the time to enter the studio and record tracks for his new album. Released in December 1999, Vol. 3. Life And Times Of S. Carter confirmed his status as one of hip-hop's most popular artists when it topped the album charts the following month. The following year's The Dynasty: Roc La Familia 2000, another US chart-topper, was originally planned as a supergroup collaboration with fellow Roc-A-Fella rappers Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek and Amil. Jay-Z's remarkable roll continued with 2001's The Blueprint, another stellar work putting him out front as the current leader of the genre. The same December he was sentenced to three years probation for stabbing record producer Lance "Un" Rivera at a New York nightclub two years previously.

    BET Awards
    Year : 2004
    Category : Best Male hip hop artist

    Vibe Awards
    Year : 2003
    Category : Coolest collaboration
    For : Crazy in Love (2004) - with Beyonce Knowles

    BET Awards
    Category : Best Collaboration
    For : Crazy in Love (2004) - with Beyonce Knowles

    Vibe Awards
    Category : TuBig Award

  • Is No. 1 on Forbes' list of 'Hip-Hop Cash Kings.' (August 2007)
  • Has reportedly proposed to long-term love Beyoncé Knowles during a romantic getaway to Cannes, and the singer-and-actress said yes. (June 5, 2007)
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce were named the sexiest couple by Victoria's Secret. (April 20, 2007)
  • Is teaming up with General Motors to bring out a concept sports utility vehicle (SUV). (January 9, 2007)
  • On his ‘Jay-Z Hangar’ tour on November 18, 2006, he’ll play seven gigs in seven cities on one day to promote his new album ‘Kingdom Come.’ (November 17, 2006)
  • Sued by publishing company Bridgeport Music over allegations he used samples illegally on his 2003 song “Justify My Thug.” (November 14, 2006)
  • Insists his return to performing does not signal the end of his executive involvement with Def Jam Records. (October 30, 2006)
  • Anheuser-Busch has hired Jay-Z as its new co-brand director for Budweiser Select, banking on his celebrity and entrepreneurial expertise to help lift its beer brand. (October 20, 2006)
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles were forced to charter an extra plane to cope with their excess baggage on a trip to South Africa recently. (October 18, 2006)
  • Has announced plans to release a new album, “Kingdom Come,” in November, ending his three-year retirement from making music. (September 15, 2006)
  • Plans to ban all Cristal champagne products from his personal life and that of his many businesses after the company managing director Frederic Rouzaud said he was curious about the rap community's obsession with Cristal. (June 16, 2006)
  • Has officially signed former rap rival Nas to Def Jam. (January 24, 2006)
  • Jay-Z and Nas ended their longtime feud and promoted peace on-stage during a radio station-sponsored concert in New Jersey. (October 29, 2005)
  • Named GQ’s Man of the Year in 2005.
  • Spent more than $1million on a diamond ring and watch for fiancee Beyonce Knowles' 24th birthday. (September 7, 2005)
  • Jay-Z was a high school friend of the Notorious B.I.G.
  • He first financed his music by hustling.
  • At age 9, he shot his brother in the shoulder (for stealing his ring).
  • He was one of the first in the industry to start his own record label...Roc-A-Fella records.
  • Before he started dropping albums, he worked as a cashier at a Kentucky Fried Chicken.
  • Met Memphis Bleek at KFC.
  • In the video of Hard Knock Life, the girl sitting beside Jigga is Peter Gunz' daughter.
  • In his video of Can I Get A ..., there was a special appearance by Jermaine Dupri.
  • Jigga got the Hard Knock Life chorus from the Broadway play ANNIE.
  • Likes to make pancakes when he's at home.
  • Got his name because he always dressed nice and his friends said he was jazzy.
  • Nominated for Best Movie Song at MTV Movie Awards for RUSH HOUR (1999)
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    Liv Tyler


    Name: Liv Tyler
    Birth Name: Liv Lundgren
    Height: 5' 10
    Sex: F
    Nationality: American
    Birth Date: July 1, 1977
    Birth Place: Portland, Maine, USA
    Profession: actress, model
    Education: York Prep, New York City, New York High School
    Husband/Wife: Royston Langdon (former Spacehog frontman-bassist ; born on May 1, 1972; began dating fall 1998; married on March 25, 2003)
    Relationship: Joaquin Phoenix (actor; born on October 28, 1974; together from 1995 to November 1998), Johnny Whitworth (together from 1994 to 1995)
    Father: Steven Tyler (lead singer of Aerosmith; born on March 26, 1948)
    Mother: Bebe Buell (former model; born on July 14, 1953)
    Half Sister: Chelsea Tyler (born in 1988), Mia Tyler (model; born on December 22, 1978; daughter of Steven Tyler and model Cyrinda Foxe)
    Half Brother: Rex Rundgren and Randy Rundgren
    Step Father: Coyote Stevens (musician; married in June 1992; filed for divorce in 1998), Todd Rundgren (musician; born on June 22, 1948; raised her until 1988)
    Step Mother: Cyrinda Foxe (model; born in 1952; died on September 7, 2002)
    Son: Milo William Langdon (born on December 14, 2004 in Manhattan; weighed in 8 lb; father: Royston Langdon)
    Claim to fame: as Grace Stamper in Armageddon (1998)

    Liv was born on July 1, 1977, in Portland, Maine. She is the daughter of Steven Tyler, the famous front man of the band Aerosmith. At the age of fourteen, Liv moved to New York to begin a modeling career and decided after a year to become an actress. At just over five-foot-ten, endowed with blazing blue eyes and flawless porcelain skin, Liv has a unique natural sultry sophistication about her. Within a few months of the photos, Liv began decorating such fashion magazines as Seventeen and Mirabella.

    While shooting a commercial on location in the stifling Amazon the following year, Liv decided she wanted to pursue acting. Ironically, a cinema agent read about the intriguing Liv in an article by The New York Times concerning children of the rich and famous, and officially "discovered" her. Liv's first feature role was as the older sister of an autistic boy in the Bruce Beresford straight-to-video drama "Silent Fall". Liv was the hit of the 1996 Cannes Film Festival, where "Stealing Beauty" was entered in competition, and French critics ooh-la-laed over the young actress. In 1997, Liv was chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. With this extravagant exposure, Liv became an instant sex symbol video vixen.

    Liv's next acting triumphs came in Tom Hanks's directorial debut, That Thing You Do!, in which she played the groupie-girlfriend of a small-town band circa 1964, and in Pat (Circle of Friends) O'Connor's Inventing the Abbotts, in which she played another small-town sweetheart. She gamely entered the big-budget arena in 1998, co-starring with Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck in Disney's Armageddon. 1999 brought roles in Robert Altman's Cookie's Fortune, in which she engaged in small-town slapstick romance with Chris O'Donnell, and in Plunkett & MaCleane, which positioned her as the aristocratic inamorata of a highwayman. She finished out the year on a more serious note, playing opposite typically and terrifically brooding romantic Ralph Fiennes in the Alexander Pushkin adaptation Onegin. The year 2000 brought a role in the Robert Altman film Dr. T and the Women. Also starring as Arwen in the mega-box-office hit "Lord of the Rings- Trilogy".

    2008 The Incredible Hulk
    2007 Reign Over Me
    2007 The Strangers
    2007 Smother
    2007 August Rush
    2005 Lonesome Jim
    2004 Jersey Girl
    2003 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
    2002 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
    2001 One Night at McCool's
    2001 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
    2000 Dr. T & The Women
    1999 Onegin
    1999 Cookie's Fortune
    1999 Plunkett & Macleane
    1998 Armageddon
    1997 Inventing the Abbotts
    1997 U-Turn
    1996 That Thing You Do!
    1996 Stealing Beauty
    1995 Heavy
    1995 Empire Records
    1994 Silent Fall

  • Will be playing Hulk's co-researcher and love interest Dr. Betty Ross in THE INCREDIBLE HULK. (May 7, 2007)
  • Said she spent her entire life worrying about her weight - until she became a mother.
  • Wants to quit acting and open a health spa in a quiet life in the countryside. (April 14, 2006)
  • Names her newborn son Milo William Langdon. (December 20, 2004)
  • When she was pregnant, she was convinced her baby's a girl - because her nose went wide.
  • Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, and director Kevin Smith co-hosted the JERSEY GIRL screening on March 4 to raise money for the Kenny Gordon Foundation, which grants scholarships and runs a summer camp for inner-city kids. (March 6, 2004)
  • Was amazed at the number of people who turned up to watch Ben Affleck arrive on the set of their new film JERSEY GIRL. (December 11, 2003)
  • Says photographers always pick the worst times to track down celebrities and snap their picture.
  • Was inspired to become an Ambassador for children's charity Unicef by Angelina Jolie and her idol Audrey Hepburn. (December 5, 2003)
  • Is risking her Hollywood career by refusing to lose weight – She’s been told by movie bosses she risks missing out on top film roles unless she reduces the size of her shapely figure, but Liv insists she is happy with her weight and doesn't want to diet. (November 14, 2003)
  • Was among the rock stars, supermodels and Hollywood sensations who arrived by ferry on a Scottish island Friday, where dozens of paparazzi have camped to wait for fashion designer Stella McCartney, Paul McCartney's daughter, to tie the knot. (August 30, 2003)
  • Tyler's parents Bebe Buell and Steven Tyler were not invited to her Caribbean wedding to rocker Royston Langdon – Tyler and Buell are said to be distraught at the snub; however, the newlyweds are said to be planning a private reception for family and friends next month in New York. (April 14, 2003)
  • Liv Tyler's luscious lips are the most sought-after celebrity body part, according to an annual survey conducted by the Beverly Hills Institute For Aesthetic And Reconstructive Surgery in Los Angeles. (February 6, 2003)
  • Liv's mother named her after Liv Ullmann because she was on the cover of TV Guide the week Liv was born.
  • A cameo role in EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU (1996), a musical directed by Woody Allen was cut; Allen was impressed enough by her performance to write a personal letter explaining that her part was cut in editing.
  • Her half-sister, Mia Tyler, is a fashion model for Lane Bryant.
  • ARMAGEDDON (1998) opened on her 21st Birthday.
  • Aerosmith's video for Crazy, in which Liv co-starred with Alicia Silverstone, was voted #23 in VH1's top 100 music videos of all time.
  • Rebelled against her wild parents - by growing up to become a well-behaved good girl.
  • Was particularly grateful when the 15-month long LORD OF THE RINGS shoot wrapped - because she could get her curves back.
  • Her secret to a successful relationship is spending time apart.
  • During filming of THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS (2001), she left her pair of prosthetic ears on the dashboard of her car. When she returned they had melted.
  • Liv Tyler wore shoulder pads in her bra during filming of ONE NIGHT AT MCCOOL'S (2001).
  • She had trouble with her lines in Elvish and was unable to film a whole scene in one go, instead having to learn the dialogue one line at a time (THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS (2001)).
  • Was nominated Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actress - Sci-Fi in 1999 for ARMAGEDDON.
  • Nickname: Liver
  • Never took acting lessons
  • Cut her hair short in 1998 for COOKIE's FORTUNE
  • Dyed her hair red in 1999 for ONE NIGHT AT MCCOOL'S
  • Did several commercials including: Bongo Jeans, Pantene Shampoo, Lux Shampoo and others
  • Started smoking cigarettes at the age 15, and quit smoking at the age of 25
  • Says she likes tall, skinny guys with messy hair
  • Is taller than her boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend
  • Her mom Bebe Buell was a famous model and a Rock & Roll groupie. She used to hang out with many Rock & Roll stars, and in fact she's a Rock & Roll singer herself.
  • Eye color: blue
  • Her grandmother Dorothea Johnson (Bebe's mother) is an etiquette consultant and manages an etiquette school in Washington. And she was a model too!
  • Turned down twice the role in Armageddon
  • Her half-sister Mia is a plus-size model
  • Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. (1997)
  • Is dyslexic.
  • Is a vegetarian.
  • Godmother to Keith Richards' son Marlon Richards
  • Hates piercings and tattoos.
  • Voted the 6th Sexiest Female Movie Star in the Australian Empire Magazine September 2002.
  • Raised by her mother and rock musician Todd Rundgren, who she thought was her father until age 8, when she learned Steven Tyler was her biological father
  • Was offered a part in HEAVY but a few weeks later was cast in SILENT FALL which caused a scheduling conflict. HEAVY Director James Mangold wanted Liv for the part so much, he postponed filming until she was available.
  • Owns a 1954 jukebox
  • Nominated for Outstanding Performance by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion Picture at Screen Actors Guild Awards for THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS (2003)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Performance by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion Picture at Screen Actors Guild Awards for THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (2002)
  • Nominated for Best On-Screen Duo at MTV Movie Awards for ARMAGEDDON (1999) - shared with Ben Affleck
  • Nominated for Best Female Performance at MTV Movie Awards for ARMAGEDDON (1999)
  • Ewan Mc Gregor

    Name: Ewan McGregor
    Birth Name: Ewan Gordon McGregor
    Height: 5' 10 1/2"
    Sex: M
    Nationality: Scotish
    Birth Date: March 31, 1971
    Birth Place: Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland, U.K.
    Profession: actor
    Education: Morrison's Academy in Crieff, Scotland Perth Repertory Theatre in Scotland
    Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London
    Husband/Wife: Eve Mouvrakis (French production designer; born on June 22, 1966; met while filming for Kavanagh QC in 1994; married on July 22, 1995)
    Father: James McGregor (teacher)
    Mother: Carol McGregor (teacher)
    Brother: Colin McGregor (Royal Air Force pilot; born in 1969)
    Uncle: Denis Lawson (actor; born on September 27, 1947)
    Daughter: Esther Rose (born on November 7, 2001 in London, England, UK), Clara Mathilde (born in February 1996)
    Claim to fame: as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)

    Ewan was born on March 31, 1971, in Perth Royal Hospital, Scotland. He was the second son of teachers Jim and Carol McGregor. His brother Colin, a tornado fighter pilot, is two years older than him. Ewan grew up in the small town of Crieff in Perthshire, and was privately educated at Morrison's Academy. Music played a big part in young Ewan's life. He mastered drums, guitar, and the French horn and played in the school's pipe band, a ceilidh band, and had a rock group called Scarlet Pride, Elvis Presley was his idol.

    Ewan McGregor left school at 16 to pursue acting, and by the age of 23 was getting attention from critics and fans for his roles in Shallow Grave (1994) and Trainspotting (1996). Quickly tagged as an up-and-comer, McGregor tackled a range of roles: he appeared in the period piece Emma (1996), the glam-rock drama Velvet Goldmine (1998), the mainstream Hollywood action feature Black Hawk Down (2001, with Josh Hartnett) and the stylish musical Moulin Rouge! (2001, with Nicole Kidman). Perhaps most famously, he played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequels of the George Lucas series Star Wars. McGregor appeared in Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999) and Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002) and is scheduled to appear in the third episode, to be released in 2005. His other films include Down With Love (2003, co-starring Renee Zellweger) and Tim Burton's Big Fish (2004). No one could have foreseen when Ewan left Crieff how big a star he'd become. As well as his five-million-pound Star Wars role, his credits include A Life Less Ordinary, Rogue Trader, Velvet Goldmine to name a few.

    Although he lives in London with his French set designer wife Eve Mavrakis and their daughter Clara, Ewan's heart will always be in Crieff. To his family, he's still a lovable, down-to-earth lad, completely unaffected by fame and fortune, even though he's starring in one of the biggest movies in cinema history.

    2007 The Tourist
    2007 Jackboots on Whitehall
    2007 Cassandra's Dream
    2007 Number Thirteen
    2006 Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker
    2006 Scenes of a Sexual Nature
    2006 The Doctor, The Tornado & The Kentucky Kid
    2006 Miss Potter
    2005 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
    2005 The Island
    2005 Valiant
    2005 The Island
    2005 Stay
    2005 Robots
    2004 Long Way Round [TV Series]
    2003 Down With Love
    2003 Faster
    2003 Big Fish
    2003 Young Adam
    2002 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
    2002 In the Wild: The Polar Bears of Churchill with Ewan McGregor
    2001 Moulin Rouge
    2001 Black Hawk Down
    2001 R2-D2: Beneath the Dome
    2000 Killing Priscilla
    2000 Nora
    1999 Desserts
    1999 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
    1999 Eye of the Beholder
    1998 Rogue Trader
    1998 Velvet Goldmine
    1998 Nightwatch
    1998 Little Voice
    1997 The Serpent's Kiss
    1997 ER: The Long Way Around
    1997 A Life Less Ordinary
    1996 The Pillow Book
    1996 Brassed Off
    1996 Trainspotting
    1996 Emma
    1995 Blue Juice
    1994 Shallow Grave
    1993 Lipstick on Your Collar
    1993 Scarlet & Black

    2000 Nora

    1999 Tube Tales

    Golden Globe
    2001 Best Actor - Musical or Comedy Moulin Rouge

  • Has received an apology from the Australian underwear firm which outed him as a fan of their Wonderjock pants. (May 22, 2007)
  • Will earn a mere $790 a week at a London stage — standard minimum wage for actors in Britain — playing Shakespeare’s arch villain Iago in Othello. (May 14, 2007)
  • Decided to see a hypnotherapist to help him finally quit smoking. (November 25, 2006)
  • McGregor and Colin Farrell are set to star in Woody Allen's next film, set in London, as brothers who turn to crime. (May 18, 2006)
  • Scottish actor Ewan McGregor adopts orphan from Mongolia – The STAR WARS star and his wife Eve Mavarkis have adopted a 4-year-old girl from Mongolia. I can confirm Ewan McGregor and his wife Eve Mavrakis have adopted the girl but cannot comment further, a spokesperson for the couple told People magazine. McGregor, 35, and Mavrakis, 39, met on the set of the British TV series Kavanaugh QC. They married in 1995 and have two biological daughters Esther, 4, and Clara, 1.
  • Is among the stars singing on new album Unexpected Dreams: Songs From The Stars to benefit the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra. (February 18, 2006)
  • Offers budding actors to get acting lessons from him at the Actors Center in London for just $68 a class. (October 1, 2005)
  • Is named the actor with the sexiest bottom on film for his nude scene in VELVET GOLDMINE according to a poll carried out by Odeon cinemas. (#9) (August 17, 2005)
  • Has defended his aggressive outburst at London premiere of THE ISLAND when a cheeky journalist asked him about his critically-mauled performance as an American in the movie, and replied he had no plans to abandon the accent. (August 11, 2005)
  • Has revealed that he was a miserable drunk, who quit booze because it was killing his career. (July 6, 2005)
  • Helped open UNICEF children's summit called C-8 in Scotland. (July 5, 2005)
  • Says he's amazed, if not a bit frightened, about STAR WARS die hard enthusiasts who have big meets and conventions. (May 12, 2005)
  • Denied reports he is disappointed with the recent Star Wars films, insisting the process of working on the sci-fi saga is simply hard work. (May 5, 2005)
  • Currently starring in a West End theatre production of 'Guys and Dolls', McGregor has barred STAR WARS fans from trying to get his autograph near the stage door because he doesn't want them clashing with theatre goers who wanted their programs signed. (April 18, 2005)
  • Former roommate of Jude Law.
  • His first name is pronounced you-in.
  • In the film MOULIN ROUGE (2001) McGregor sang alongside Nicole Kidman.
  • Originally up for the lead role in THE BEACH (2000), which would have reunited him with director Danny Boyle and screenwriter John Hodge (I) who collaborated with McGregor on SHALLOW GRAVE (1994), TRAINSPOTTING (1996) and A LIFE LESS ORDINARY (1997). The role went to Leonardo DiCaprio. While McGregor blames studio influence for the casting descision he has not spoken to either Boyle nor Hodge since.
  • Auditioned for the part of Mercutio for ROMEO + JULIET. Director Baz Luhrman later worked with Ewan in the film MOULIN ROUGE (2001).
  • During filming STAR WARS: EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENACE (1999), he made lightsaber noises as he dueled. It was noted and corrected during post production.
  • He and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers sang their own songs in VELVET GOLDMINE (1998). (Some of Rhys-Meyers' songs were overdubbed by Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke.)
  • He studied many of Alec Guinness' films, including the original STAR WARS, to ensure accuracy in everything from his accent to pacing of his words
  • His mother, Carole, has a cameo in SHALLOW GRAVE (1994) as one of the prospective flatmates.
  • Offered, but turned down, the part of Neo in MATRIX (1994).
  • To play the skinny heroin-addicted Renton in TRAINSPOTTING (1996), he was placed on a simple diet consisting of no alcohol or dairy products in order to lose weight. It only took him two months to reach Renton's desired size.
  • Was nominated Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actor - Action/Science Fiction in 2000 for STAR WARS: EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENACE and Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series in 1997 for ER.
  • His daughter Esther Rose McGregor was born in late 2001.
  • His claim to fame was not STAR WARS, Ewan McGregor is actually a highly proclaimed actor in both Europe and the states, starring in many films such as TRAINSPOTTING, A LIFE LESS ORDINARY, EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, EMMA, and several others.
  • McGregor has patched up his differences with director Danny Boyle as Boyle seeks to reunite the stars of cult movie TRAINSPOTTING for a sequel. (October 25, 2002)
  • Quit smoking before filming STAR WARS
  • Nominated for Best Kiss at MTV Movie Awards for MOULIN ROUGE! (2002) - shared with Nicole Kidman
  • Nominated for Outstanding Performance by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion Picture at Screen Actors Guild Awards for MOULIN ROUGE! (2002)
  • Nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy at Golden Globe Awards for MOULIN ROUGE! (2002)
  • Nominated for Best Fight at MTV Movie Awards for STAR WARS: EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENACE (2000)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Cast at Screen Actors Guild Awards for LITTLE VOICE (1999)
  • Nominated for Best Dance Sequence at MTV Movie Awards for A LIFE LESS ORDINARY (1998) - shared with Cameron Diaz
  • Nominated for Best Breakthrough Performance at MTV Movie Awards for TRAINSPOTTING (1997)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series at Emmy Awards for ER (1997)
  • Friday, June 22, 2007

    Debra Messing


    Name: Debra Messing
    Birth Name: Debra Moessing
    Height: 5' 8"
    Sex: F
    Nationality: American
    Birth Date: August 15, 1968
    Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, USA
    Profession: actress
    Education: Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts (majored in Theater Arts; B.A.)
    Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, England
    New York University in New York, New York (majored in Acting; M.F.A.)
    Husband/Wife: Daniel Zelman (actor; born in 1967; started dating 1992; engaged in 1998; married on September 3, 2000)
    Father: Brian Messing (sales executive for a jewelry company)
    Mother: Sandy Messing (singer)
    Brother: Brett Messing (stockbroker; older)
    Son: Roman Walker Zelman (born on April 7, 2004 in Los Angeles; weighing 5lbs 14oz.)
    Claim to fame: as Grace Elizabeth Adler on TV Series Will & Grace (1998)

    Born in Brooklyn, Messing and her older brother were raised in a quiet community outside Providence, Rhode Island. She received her liberal arts education at Brandeis University where she majored in theater arts. She spent half of her junior year studying in London’s prestigious B.E.S.G.L. program, which featured dramatic arts teachers recruited from various distinguished institutions such as the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Cambridge University and Oxford University. Upon graduating summa cum laude from Brandeis, Messing was accepted into New York University’s elite Graduate Acting Program and received her master of fine arts degree.

    On the New York stage, Messing garnered praise for her performance as Harper Pitt in the pre-Broadway workshop of Tony Kushner’s Tony Award-winning play “Angels in America: Perestroika.” She appeared as Cecily in a Seattle production of “The Importance of Being Earnest.” Upon returning to New York, she was cast as the understudy to Mary-Louise Parker and Polly Draper in the off-Broadway premiere of John Patrick Shanley’s “Four Dogs and a Bone.” She also co-starred in Paul Rudnick’s “The Naked Truth” and co-starred with Maria Tucci in the acclaimed two-woman production of Donald Margulies’ “Collected Stories,” which was chosen as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

    On television, Messing starred for two seasons in the comedy “Ned & Stacey” opposite Thomas Haden Church. She had a recurring role on “NYPD Blue” as Gail O’Grady’s conniving sister, Dana Abandando. On “Seinfeld” she played Jerry’s ideal, but elusive, love, Dr. Beth Lookner. She also starred as the young bio-anthropologist Sloan Parker in the drama series “Prey” and appeared as Mary Magdalene in the critically acclaimed 2000 miniseries “Jesus.” Messing lives with her husband and young child in Los Angeles. During her free time, she supports charities such as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Project Angel Food and various breast cancer charities.

    2008 The Women
    2007 The Starter Wife [TV Series]
    2007 Lucky You
    2006 Open Season
    2005 Will & Grace: Season 08
    2005 The Wedding Date
    2004 Along Came Polly
    2004 Garfield: The Movie
    2004 Will & Grace: Season 07
    2003 Will & Grace: Season 06
    2002 Will & Grace: ...And the Horse He Rode in On
    2002 Will & Grace: A Bunch of White Chicks Sittin' Around Talkin'
    2002 Hollywood Ending
    2002 King of the Hill: Get Your Freak Off
    2002 Will & Grace: A.I.: Artificial Insemination, Part 1
    2002 The Mothman Prophecies
    2002 Will & Grace: Season 05
    2001 Will & Grace: Season 04
    2000 Jesus
    2000 Will & Grace: Season 03
    1999 Will & Grace: Season 02
    1998 Will & Grace: Season 01
    1998 Prey
    1997 Ned and Stacey: Season 02
    1997 Seinfeld: The Yada Yada
    1997 McHale's Navy
    1996 Seinfeld: The Wait Out
    1995 NYPD Blue: A Murder With Teeth in It
    1995 Ned and Stacey: Season 01
    1995 NYPD Blue: Bombs Away
    1994 NYPD Blue: Double Abandando

    2006 Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series Will and Grace: Season 08

    Golden Globe
    2003 Best Actress - Musical or Comedy (TV) Will & Grace [TV Series]
    2002 Best Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy Will & Grace
    2001 Best Actress - Television Musical or Comedy Will & Grace
    2000 Best Actress - Comedy or Musical Series Will & Grace

    Screen Actors Guild
    2000 Best Actress in a Comedy Series Will & Grace

  • Believes diamonds have magic powers. because her hands tremble whenever she touches them.
  • Her 17-month-old son, Roman, is calling Angelina Jolie Mama. She says, He's really into kissing now. And he's indiscriminate. He kisses the ottoman, he kisses the chair, he kisses Angelina Jolie on the cover of a magazine and then he says, 'mama'.” (September 8, 2005)
  • Has assured fans her sitcom Will & Grace will remain on screens for quite some time, following the imminent end of hit shows Friends, Frasier and Sex And The City. (February 19, 2004)
  • Was called the most ravishing redhead in a celebrity hair survey conducted by Wella. (December 20, 2003)
  • Suffered a health scare during her pregnancy due to her tiny figure. (November 5, 2003)
  • Messing risked sparking another Hollywood shoplifting scandal when she mistakenly walked out of Beverly Hills' Saks Fifth Avenue with a pair of pricey jeans she'd forgotten to pay for. (June 24, 2003)
  • Is severely allergic to flowers and perfumes.
  • Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2002.
  • Named TV Guide's best dressed woman in 2003
  • Was paid $250,000/episode for WILL & GRACE (1998)
  • Messing and husband Daniel Zelman were college sweethearts.
  • Is an advocate for charities like Gay Men's Health Crisis, AmFAR and Best Friend's Pet Sanctuary.
  • Eric McCormack on Debra Messing: Smart, well-spoken, down-to-earth. She comes to work without makeup. She orders McDonald's more than she should. She listens. She is the least flaky actress I know.
  • Made her film debut opposite Keanu Reeves in A WALK IN THE CLOUDS (1995)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series at Screen Actors Guild Awards for Will & Grace (2004)
  • Nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy at Golden Globe Awards for WILL & GRACE (2004)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series at Screen Actors Guild Awards for Will & Grace (2004)
  • Nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy at Golden Globe Awards for Will & Grace (2003)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series at Screen Actors Guild Awards for Will & Grace (2003)
  • Nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy at Golden Globe Awards for WILL & GRACE (2002)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at Emmy Awards for Will & Grace (2002)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series at Screen Actors Guild Awards for Will & Grace (2002)
  • Nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical at Golden Globe Awards for Will & Grace (2001)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at Emmy Awards for Will & Grace (2001)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series at Screen Actors Guild Awards for Will & Grace (2001)
  • Nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series - Comedy/Musical at Golden Globe Awards for Will & Grace (2000)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for at Emmy Awards Will & Grace (2000)

  • USHER Raymond

    Name: Usher Raymond
    Birth Name: Usher Raymond IV
    Height: 5' 11"
    Sex: M
    Nationality: American
    Birth Date: October 14, 1978
    Birth Place: Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
    Profession: actor, musician
    Relationship: Tameka Foster (stylist; engaged on March 30, 2007)
    Father: Usher Raymond III
    Mother: Jonetta Patton (Usher's manager)
    Brother: James Raymond (younger)

    Usher was spotted by a LaFace record executive at a talent show in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, and after that it took no time for his career to take off. The 14-year-old auditioned for LaFace Records co-founder L.A. Reid, who signed the gospel choir boy to a recording contract. Raymond was introduced to the world simply as "Usher," and released his debut album of the same name in 1994, which featured co-executive producer Sean "Puffy" Combs. The first single, "Think of You," gained Usher notoriety and reached gold status. From that initial exposure, Usher was approached to do other projects. In 1995, he recorded a national holiday jingle for Coca-Cola. He also joined several top male R&B vocalists to form Black Men United for the single "You Will Know," featured on the Jason's Lyric soundtrack. He also teamed with teen singing sensation Monica for a duet remake of Lattimore's "Let's Straighten It Out." After graduating from high school, Usher graduated as well to his sophomore release, My Way, in 1997. In an attempt to display his maturity and songwriting abilities, Usher co-wrote six of the nine songs and enlisted the help of producers Jermaine Dupri, Babyface, and, again, Sean "Puffy" Combs. The album's first single, "You Make Me Wanna," re-established Usher as one of R&B's hottest artists, and also made him a crossover sensation; it topped the R&B charts for 11 weeks, hit number two pop, and eventually went double platinum. Both of the follow-up singles, "Nice & Slow" and "My Way," also went platinum; the former stayed at number one on the R&B charts for eight weeks and became his first number one pop single. In the meantime, Usher launched an acting career, appearing in the 1998 horror spoof The Faculty and the 1999 urban high-school drama Light It Up. To tide fans over, he issued a concert recording titled simply Live in 1999. Usher returned with his third proper album, All About U, toward the end of 2000. His third album, 8701, (2001) moved Usher from a teen pop star to a sultry R&B singer.

    2005 In the Mix Actor: Darrell / Executive Producer
    2005 Usher Live: One Night One Star / Actor
    2005 Usher: Rhythm City, Vol. 1 - Caught Up / Actor
    2002 The Alcatraz Concert, Vol. 2: You Make Me Wanna Actor
    2002 Usher: Live - Evolution 8701 Actor / Executive Producer
    2000 Texas Rangers Actor: Randolph Douglas Scipio
    2000 Geppetto Actor: Ring Leader
    1999 Light It Up / Actor: Lester Dewitt
    1999 She's All That / Actor: Campus D.J.
    1998 The Faculty / Actor: Gabe Santora
    1998 Usher: My World My Way /Actor

    2005 8701 [DualDisc]
    2004 Confessions [Japan Bonus Track]
    2004 Confessions [Bonus Tracks]
    2004 Confessions
    2003 8701 [Bonus Videos]
    2002 8701 [Australian Bonus Tracks]
    2001 8701 [Japan Bonus Track]
    2001 8701
    2000 All About U [Clean]
    2000 All About U
    1999 My Way [Australia]
    1999 Live [Bonus Tracks]
    1999 Live
    1997 My Way [Clean]
    1997 My Way
    1994 Usher

    World Music Awards
    Year : 2004
    Category : Best pop male artist, Best R&B artist

    Nordic Music Awards
    Year : 2004
    Category : Top Male Artist

    Radio Music Awards
    Year : 2004
    Category : Hip-Hop Artist of the Year

    Teen Choice Awards
    Year : 2004
    Category : Album
    For : Confessions

    MTV Europe Awards
    Year : 2004
    Category : Best Male Artist , Best Album
    For : Confessions

  • Confirms that his mother, Jonnetta Patton, is no longer his manager, but denied the break was due to any rift. (May 6, 2007)
  • Is now engaged to his longtime girlfriend stylist Tameka Foster and plans to make it official by the end of the year. (March 31, 2007)
  • Is reportedly engaged to his girlfriend, stylist Tameka Foster. (February 27, 2007)
  • Sentenced to community service for speeding. (January 19, 2007)
  • Broadway's musical 'Chicago' spurted in ticket sales since usher went into the show Aug. 22 to play shady lawyer Billy Flynn. (August 29, 2006)
  • Makes his big-screen debut as a leading man with the romantic comedy IN THE MIX. (November 19, 2005)
  • Three years after its formation was announced, Usher's records label US Records make its formal debut next month with the release of film soundtrack In the Mix.
  • Put on a benefit concert in Atlanta on to assist the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. (October 9, 2005)
  • To play a special show called Project Restart in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, to benefit victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. (October 1, 2005)
  • Had reportedly told friends that he wants to quit the game as a singer, and become a music executive. (August 17, 2005)
  • Has opened Camp New Look in Atlanta, a summer camp for minority youth designed to help prodigies-in-training realize their dreams. (July 15, 2005)
  • Criticizes TV's extreme makeover shows because people should learn to love who they are. (June 1, 2005)
  • Has confirmed he is in negotiations to star in a new movie version of the musical DREAMGIRLS - just days after his mother denied any association with the project. (May 21, 2005)
  • Usher and Beyonce have agreed to star in a film together. Beyonce will play a singer and Usher will play the choreographer in DREAMGIRLS. (May 14, 2005)
  • Plans early retirement because he doesn't think he can keep up his tough workout and performance regime into his 40s. (May 5, 2005)
  • Spontaneously unveiled what he calls the Double C at his center courtside seats during the second half of Cleveland Cavaliers's game, crossing his arms over his head and making letter C's with his hands. The Cavs rallied and members of the crowd became instant disciples. (March 16, 2005)
  • Is now one of the new owners of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers. (March 3, 2005)
  • Was crowned the 'Godson of Soul' by funk superstar James Brown, after the two danced together onstage at 2005 Grammy Awards.
  • Claims Jennifer Lopez's “Get Right” is a re-recorded version of Ride, a song he co-wrote in 2004 year which is only available on the internet. (January 24, 2005)
  • Is the best-selling artist of 2004.
  • Dominated at radio in 2004 as his hits Yeah! and Burn were the first- and fourth-most played singles of the year.
  • His third album, Confessions, is confirmed as the biggest selling album across the US for 2004.
  • Has reportedly ended his three-month relationship with supermodel Naomi Campbell because she refused to join him at the Billboard Awards earlier this month. (December 22, 2004)
  • Has spent over $300,000 for a luxurious chauffeur-driven new car. (December 7, 2004)
  • Is launching the first-ever celebrity debit card. The Usher Raymond 4th Debit MasterCard, is backed by the financial service group Bankfirst. (July 31, 2004)
  • Has three singles from his album Confessions in Billboard top 10, a feat only previously matched by British bands the Beatles and the Bee Gees. (May 29, 2004)
  • Swears his latest album, Confessions, – which features songs about a painful breakup and infidelity – is not a reflection on his recent split with TLC member Rozonda Chilli Thomas. (March 25, 2004)
  • Usher says his mother is his best friend. He credits her for keeping him grounded. She continues to guide Usher's career as his manager today, a duty she assumed after quitting her full-time office job when deciding to move to Atlanta.
  • Sometimes Credited As: Usher
  • Nickname: Big Ush
  • Chosen as one of Teen People Magazine's 21 Hottest Stars Under 21. (1999)
  • Wednesday, June 6, 2007

    Denise Richards

    Name: Denise Richards
    Birth Name: Denise Lee Richards
    Height: 5' 8"
    Sex: F
    Nationality: American
    Birth Date: February 17, 1971
    Birth Place: Downers Grove, Illinois, USA
    Profession: actress, model
    Education: El Camino High School in Oceanside, California (graduated in 1989)
    Husband/Wife: Charlie Sheen (actor; born on September 3, 1965; began dating in 2001; engaged on Christmas 2001; married on June 15, 2002; filed for divorce in March 2, 2005; the divorce was back on by January 4, 2006)
    Relationship: Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi guitarist; born July 11, 1959; dating since May 2006; split in March 2007), Patrick Muldoon (actor; born on September 27, 1968; costarred together in Starship Troopers; began dating in 1998)
    Father: Irv Richards (former telephone-company employee)
    Mother: Joni Richards
    Daughter: Lola Rose (born on June 1, 2005; weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces), Sam Sheen (born on March 9, 2004)
    Claim to fame: as Carmen Ibanez in Starship Troopers (1997)

    Denise Lee Richards was born on February 17, 1972 in Downers Grove, Illinois. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. She moved to California to attend high school at El Camino High as the clas of 1989. After graduation, she began to pursue her acting career in Los Angeles. She developed a modeling career in high school, appearing from Tokyo to New York. She has put modeling on the side to appear in movies.Denise's acting career is beginning to take off, especially after two successful movies, Starship Troopers, and Wild Things. She has both the acting talent and beauty to be a big time actress, and the only thing holding her up is time. There are two more movies in the wings for Denise, which will both be released in 1999. Dairy Queens looks like it will be very promising, about beauty queens fighting for the title in Missouri.

    Starship Troopers was Denise's first major film. The film itself was troubled by an expanding budget, film delays, and a poor release date. While it did well in the box office, the profits were not super. There is talks for a part 2...hopefully Denise will return as Ms. Ibanez if they choose to do it.Exposure to the media has grown for Denise over the last year. She has appeared on almost all the major entertainment shows, including Entertainment Weekly, Access Hollywood, and E!'s news program.She also has guest stared on The Tonight Show and presented most recently at the MTV Music Awards.

    2007 Blonde and Blonder
    2007 Jolene
    2005 Sex, Love & Secrets [TV Series]
    2005 Edmond
    2004 The Life
    2004 Elvis Has Left the Building
    2003 Scary Movie 3
    2003 Love Actually
    2002 You Stupid Man
    2002 Empire
    2002 The Third Wheel
    2002 Undercover Brother
    2001 Good Advice
    2001 Kill Shot
    2001 Valentine
    2001 Friends: The One With Ross and Monica's Cousin
    1999 Tail Lights Fade
    1999 Drop Dead Gorgeous
    1999 The World Is Not Enough
    1998 Wild Things
    1997 Starship Troopers
    1994 Tammy and the T-Rex
    1991 Married... With Children: Kelly Does Hollywood, Part 2

  • Richards and rocker Richie Sambora have split after a year-long romance. (May 2007)
  • Richards and Pamela Anderson are being sued for assault, battery and defamation by two photographers involved in 2006 laptop throwing incident. (March 26, 2007)
  • Richards and boyfriend Richie Sambora both have a parent battling cancer. (February 23, 2007)
  • Richards and Charlie Sheen are officially divorced. (December 1, 2006)
  • Regrets throwing a laptop off a balcony in Canada, calling the incident a big mistake. (November 13, 2006)
  • Accidentally injured a senior citizen after throwing two photographers' laptops off a hotel balcony in Canada. (November 8, 2006)
  • Richards and Charlie Sheen decide to call a truce in their nasty divorce battle by spending quality time together for the sake of their children. (October 21, 2006)
  • Will pose nude for Jane magazine who will be using the photographs for the Clothes Off Our Back charitable foundation. (July 20, 2006)
  • Is selling her $4.3-million Westlake, Calif. home after a fight with neighbor Heather Locklear. (July 1, 2006)
  • Richards and Charlie Sheen agreed to extend a temporary restraining order requiring the actor to stay away from his estranged wife. (June 9, 2006)
  • Richards and Charlie Sheen have agreed to extend the restraining order that requires Sheen to stay away from his wife until July so that a psychologist can assess the marital situation and decide on custody arrangements for the couple's two daughters. (May 15, 2006)
  • Banned Charlie Sheen's parents from seeing their grandchildren. (May 9, 2006)
  • Insists she only got together with Richie Sambora after his split with Heather Locklear. (May 4, 2006)
  • Has filed for a restraining order to keep husband Charlie Sheen away from her, claiming that he has been abusive and threatening. (April 22, 2006)
  • Has reportedly taken an AIDS test after finding out husband Charlie Sheen cheated on her during their marriage. (February 9, 2006)
  • Richards and Charlie Sheen are moving forward with divorce plans. (January 5, 2006)
  • Was voted the Hottest Mom in Hollywood by editors of American magazine In Touch. (2005)
  • Has fueled reports she has patched up her troubled marriage to Charlie Sheen, by wearing her engagement ring in public. (August 18, 2005)
  • Richards and Charlie Sheen are reportedly giving their marriage another try after signing up for counseling sessions together with Hollywood psychoanalyst Rina Freedman. (July 30, 2005)
  • Decided to have her children in such close succession because she wants them to grow together as best friends. (June 23, 2005)
  • Has put the home she shared with estranged husband Charlie Sheen on the market in a bid to move on with her life as she prepares for a divorce battle from the actor. (April 30, 2005)
  • Has shocked Hollywood by filing for divorce from her husband Charlie Sheen, while pregnant with the couple's second child. (March 4, 2005)
  • Is expecting a second child due in June. (December 18, 2004)
  • Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards, who are expecting their first child together early next spring, have decided to buck the Hollywood trend of fancy names, by giving their child an old-fashioned moniker. (September 19, 2003)
  • Richards is pregnant with her first child. (September 17, 2003)
  • Married actor Charlie Sheen, 15th of June, 2002, at the home of producer Gary David Goldberg in Los Angeles.
  • Her favorite actresses are Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Kim Basinger, Michelle Pffeifer.
  • In an interview, she said touching her hair too much. She says the Fuck a lot too.
  • Refused to move into Charlie Sheen's home when they haven't got married because he'd entertained too many call-girls there.
  • Was an ugly child - and all her classmates called her fish lips.
  • Is terrified by germs - and packs a sick bag every time she leaves her home.
  • Is furious with perverts who keep posting fake nude pictures of the film star on the Internet.
  • Was topless during the ménage-à trois sequence in THE WILD THINGS (1998).
  • Says she is a clean freak. When going anywhere she carries everything from Band-Aids to Lysole.
  • Was nominated Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actress - Action in 2000 for THE WORLD ID NOT ENOUGH and MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss in 1999 for WILD THINGS.
  • Nominated for Best Kiss at MTV Movie Awards for WILD THINGS (1999) - shared with Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell
  • Denzel Washington

    Name: Denzel Washington
    Height: 6' 0½''
    Sex: M
    Nationality: American
    Birth Date: December 28, 1954
    Birth Place: Mount Vernon, New York, USA
    Profession: actor
    Education: Fordham University in Bronx, New York (majored in journalism; B.A.)
    American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, California (dropped out in one year, moved to L.A) studied acting with Wynn Handman
    Husband/Wife: Pauletta Pearson (aka Paulette Washington; actress, singer, pianist; born on September 28, 1950; married on June 25, 1983; renewed vows in South Africa with Archbishop Desmond Tutu officiating in 1995)
    Father: Denzel Washington (reverend with Church of God in Christ; divorced)
    Mother: Lynne Washington (beautician)
    Sister: Lorice Washington (older)
    Brother: David Washington
    Son: Malcolm Washington (born on April 10, 1991), John David Washington (actor; born on April 23, 1983)
    Daughter: Olivia Washington (twin of Malcolm), Katia Washington (born in 1987)
    Claim to fame: as Dr. Phillip Chandler on the NBC hospital drama St. Elsewher (1982)

    Born on December 28, 1954, in Mount Vernon, New York, his father, Denzel Sr. was a preacher and his mother, Lennis a beautician. His parents divorced when he was 14 and in an effort to keep her children from all that was going on, Denzel and his sister were sent to a private boarding school. After high school Denzel attended Fordham University, although his original plans were to study medicine, he studied journalism instead. After receiving his Bachelor's Degree, heattended Theater in San Francisco and later won a scholarship to the American Conservatory Theater. In 1982 Denzel received his big break when he got the role of Dr. Phillip Chandler on the hit series St. Elsewhere.

    In 1987 he recieved his first Oscar nomination for "best supporting actor" for the film "Cry Freedom" in which he played South African activist, Steven Beeko. Two years later in 1989, he was nominated for his second Oscar as "best supporting actor", which he won, for his role as Tripp, the run away slave in the film "Glory". Denzel would later be nominted three more times. In 1992, "best actor" for his role as Malcolm X, in Spike Lee's "X", 1999 "best actor" for his portrayal as Ruben Carter in, "The Hurricane". In 2001 "best actor" for his first vilan role Alonzo Harris, in "Training Day", which he won.

    Denzel Washington is one of today's most versatile and sought after actors in Hollywood. It's now 30 films, 2 Oscar wins and 5 Academy Award nominations (along with other honorable achievements) and over 20 years later. With his latest project as director for the film "Antwone Fisher Story", while some are fading in the hit and miss of Hollywood, Denzel shows no signs of slowing down. Inspite of staying so busy in Hollywood, Denzel has mananged to maintain his most challenging role as a husband and father. He lives in the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles, with his wife Pauletta Pearson, who he's been with for over 20 years and his four children, John David, (who now attends Morehouse University and plays football there), Katia, Malcolm and Olivia (twins)

    2008 The Great Debaters
    2007 American Gangster
    2006 Inside Man
    2006 Déjà Vu
    2004 The Manchurian Candidate
    2004 Man on Fire
    2003 Out of Time
    2002 John Q.
    2002 Antwone Fisher
    2001 Training Day
    2000 Remember the Titans
    1999 The Bone Collector
    1999 The Hurricane
    1998 The Siege
    1998 He Got Game
    1998 Fallen
    1998 Speak of Me As I Am: The Story of Paul Robeson
    1997 Happily Ever After Fairy Tales: Mother Goose
    1996 The Preacher's Wife
    1996 NBA at 50
    1996 Courage Under Fire
    1995 Crimson Tide
    1995 Devil in a Blue Dress
    1995 Virtuosity
    1993 Much Ado About Nothing
    1993 The Pelican Brief
    1993 Rabbit Ears: John Henry
    1993 Philadelphia
    1992 Liberators
    1992 Malcolm X
    1991 Rabbit Ears: Anansi
    1991 Ricochet
    1991 Mississippi Masala
    1990 Mo' Better Blues
    1990 Heart Condition
    1989 For Queen and Country
    1989 The Mighty Quinn
    1989 Glory
    1988 National Geographic: Baka - People of the Forest
    1987 St. Elsewhere: Season 06
    1987 Cry Freedom
    1986 Power
    1986 St. Elsewhere: Season 05
    1986 The George McKenna Story
    1985 St. Elsewhere: Season 04
    1984 License to Kill
    1984 A Soldier's Story
    1984 St. Elsewhere: Season 03
    1983 St. Elsewhere: Season 02
    1982 St. Elsewhere: Season 01
    1981 Carbon Copy
    1979 Flesh and Blood
    1977 Wilma
    1977 The Wilma Rudolph Story

    2008 The Great Debaters
    2002 Antwone Fisher

    Executive Producer
    1995 Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream

    2002 Antwone Fisher
    2001 Half Past Autumn: The Life and Art of Gordon Parks

    2001 Best Actor Training Day
    1999 Best Actor Hurricane
    1992 Best Actor Malcolm X
    1989 Best Supporting Actor Glory
    1987 Best Supporting Actor Cry Freedom
    American Film Institute
    2001 Best Actor Training Day
    Berlin International Film Festival
    2000 Silver Bear for Best Actor The Hurricane
    1993 Silver Bear for Best Actor Malcolm X
    Black Reel Awards
    2006 Best Actor Inside Man
    Golden Globe
    2001 Best Actor - Drama Training Day
    1999 Best Actor - Drama Hurricane
    1992 Best Actor (Drama) Malcolm X
    1989 Best Supporting Actor Glory
    L.A. Film Critics Association
    2001 Best Actor Training Day
    New York Film Critics Circle
    1992 Best Actor Malcolm X
    Screen Actors Guild
    2001 Best Actor Training Day
    1999 Best Male Actor in a Leading Role Hurricane

    * Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history (#77). [1995]
    * Children: John David (b. 1985), Katia (b. 1988), and twins Malcolm and Olivia (b. 1991)
    * Son, Malcolm, was named in honor of Malcolm X'
    * To prepare for his role as boxer Rubin Carter in The Hurricane (1999), Washington worked out for a year with L.A. boxing trainer Terry Claybon.
    * Attended Fordham University, receiving a B.A. in Journalism.
    * 1996 Harvard Foundation Award
    * In a Newsweek cover story about the biological basis of the perception of beauty, he was used as a key example in a scientific explanation why he is considered an extremely handsome man.
    * Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world [1990]
    * According to a 1995 Premiere magazine article, Denzel confronted director Quentin Tarantino when he visted the set of Crimson Tide (1995). Quentin had done an uncredited rewrite of the script. Denzel lambasted Tarantino about his use of racial slurs in his films. Tarantino got embarrassed and wanted to move the conversation to a more private area. Denzel said, "No, if were going to discuss it, let's discuss it now." Denzel later said he still felt that Quentin was "a fine artist".
    * Denzel is named after his father who was in turn named after the doctor, Doctor Denzel, who had delivered him.
    * In the early 1980s, years before he portrayed Malcolm X (1992) in the Spike Lee film, Denzel Washington portrayed Malcolm X in the off-Broadway production of "When the Chickens Came Home to Roost", at the Henry Street Theatre in NYC.
    * Frequent collaborator of Spike Lee (3 films together).
    * Named one of E!'s "top 20 entertainers of 2001."
    * Supports charities such as the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, and the Gathering Place (an AIDS hospice).
    * Met his wife Pauletta in 1977 when both had small roles in the TV-movie Wilma (1977) (TV), the story of runner Wilma Rudolph. They wed five years later.
    * His father was a Pentecostal minister; his mother a beautician and former gospel singer. They divorced when he was 14.
    * Is a spokesperson for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, having been a member of the Boys Club once himself.
    * Only the second actor of color (after Sidney Poitier) to win the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role (for Training Day (2001))
    * Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2002.
    * Father of actor John David Washington
    * Ranked #28 in Premiere's 2003 annual Power 100 List. Had ranked #40 in 2002.
    * Often works with director Edward Zwick.
    * Cousin is CBS anchorman Ukee Washington.
    * He and his family are members of the same church as actors Dwayne Winstead, Sy Richardson, Marvin Wright-Bey, and Fitz Houston.
    * Was awarded the title of "Police Chief for a Day" when he was a member of The Boys and Girls Club of America as a child. The photo was shown during his latest appearance on Regis and Kelly (Apr. 2004).
    * Tom Hanks said working with Washington on Philadelphia (1993) was like "going to film school". Hanks said he learned more about acting by watching Denzel than from anyone else.
    * When he was very young he was at a barber's shop with his mother and a nice old lady sitting in the corner asked his mother to write his full name down. When his mother asked why she said "Because he's going to entertain millions one day". His mother gave the old lady his name and it wasn't until later that they found out she was rumored to be some kind of local fortune teller.
    * Cites star-athletes like Jim Brown and Gale Sayers as the role models of his youth.
    * First studied Biology in hopes of becoming a doctor, then switched to Political Science then to a Journalism/Drama major in college.
    * Has worn some kind of military uniform in at least six of his films.
    * Ranked #59 on VH1's 100 Hottest Hotties
    * Because of his pay-or-play deal on the doomed 2005 "American Gangster" project (which was to be directed by Antoine Fuqua), he was paid $20 million even though the film did not move ahead.
    * He was voted the 39th Greatest Movie Star of all time by Premiere Magazine.