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Liv Tyler


Name: Liv Tyler
Birth Name: Liv Lundgren
Height: 5' 10
Sex: F
Nationality: American
Birth Date: July 1, 1977
Birth Place: Portland, Maine, USA
Profession: actress, model
Education: York Prep, New York City, New York High School
Husband/Wife: Royston Langdon (former Spacehog frontman-bassist ; born on May 1, 1972; began dating fall 1998; married on March 25, 2003)
Relationship: Joaquin Phoenix (actor; born on October 28, 1974; together from 1995 to November 1998), Johnny Whitworth (together from 1994 to 1995)
Father: Steven Tyler (lead singer of Aerosmith; born on March 26, 1948)
Mother: Bebe Buell (former model; born on July 14, 1953)
Half Sister: Chelsea Tyler (born in 1988), Mia Tyler (model; born on December 22, 1978; daughter of Steven Tyler and model Cyrinda Foxe)
Half Brother: Rex Rundgren and Randy Rundgren
Step Father: Coyote Stevens (musician; married in June 1992; filed for divorce in 1998), Todd Rundgren (musician; born on June 22, 1948; raised her until 1988)
Step Mother: Cyrinda Foxe (model; born in 1952; died on September 7, 2002)
Son: Milo William Langdon (born on December 14, 2004 in Manhattan; weighed in 8 lb; father: Royston Langdon)
Claim to fame: as Grace Stamper in Armageddon (1998)

Liv was born on July 1, 1977, in Portland, Maine. She is the daughter of Steven Tyler, the famous front man of the band Aerosmith. At the age of fourteen, Liv moved to New York to begin a modeling career and decided after a year to become an actress. At just over five-foot-ten, endowed with blazing blue eyes and flawless porcelain skin, Liv has a unique natural sultry sophistication about her. Within a few months of the photos, Liv began decorating such fashion magazines as Seventeen and Mirabella.

While shooting a commercial on location in the stifling Amazon the following year, Liv decided she wanted to pursue acting. Ironically, a cinema agent read about the intriguing Liv in an article by The New York Times concerning children of the rich and famous, and officially "discovered" her. Liv's first feature role was as the older sister of an autistic boy in the Bruce Beresford straight-to-video drama "Silent Fall". Liv was the hit of the 1996 Cannes Film Festival, where "Stealing Beauty" was entered in competition, and French critics ooh-la-laed over the young actress. In 1997, Liv was chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. With this extravagant exposure, Liv became an instant sex symbol video vixen.

Liv's next acting triumphs came in Tom Hanks's directorial debut, That Thing You Do!, in which she played the groupie-girlfriend of a small-town band circa 1964, and in Pat (Circle of Friends) O'Connor's Inventing the Abbotts, in which she played another small-town sweetheart. She gamely entered the big-budget arena in 1998, co-starring with Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck in Disney's Armageddon. 1999 brought roles in Robert Altman's Cookie's Fortune, in which she engaged in small-town slapstick romance with Chris O'Donnell, and in Plunkett & MaCleane, which positioned her as the aristocratic inamorata of a highwayman. She finished out the year on a more serious note, playing opposite typically and terrifically brooding romantic Ralph Fiennes in the Alexander Pushkin adaptation Onegin. The year 2000 brought a role in the Robert Altman film Dr. T and the Women. Also starring as Arwen in the mega-box-office hit "Lord of the Rings- Trilogy".

2008 The Incredible Hulk
2007 Reign Over Me
2007 The Strangers
2007 Smother
2007 August Rush
2005 Lonesome Jim
2004 Jersey Girl
2003 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
2002 The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
2001 One Night at McCool's
2001 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
2000 Dr. T & The Women
1999 Onegin
1999 Cookie's Fortune
1999 Plunkett & Macleane
1998 Armageddon
1997 Inventing the Abbotts
1997 U-Turn
1996 That Thing You Do!
1996 Stealing Beauty
1995 Heavy
1995 Empire Records
1994 Silent Fall

  • Will be playing Hulk's co-researcher and love interest Dr. Betty Ross in THE INCREDIBLE HULK. (May 7, 2007)
  • Said she spent her entire life worrying about her weight - until she became a mother.
  • Wants to quit acting and open a health spa in a quiet life in the countryside. (April 14, 2006)
  • Names her newborn son Milo William Langdon. (December 20, 2004)
  • When she was pregnant, she was convinced her baby's a girl - because her nose went wide.
  • Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, and director Kevin Smith co-hosted the JERSEY GIRL screening on March 4 to raise money for the Kenny Gordon Foundation, which grants scholarships and runs a summer camp for inner-city kids. (March 6, 2004)
  • Was amazed at the number of people who turned up to watch Ben Affleck arrive on the set of their new film JERSEY GIRL. (December 11, 2003)
  • Says photographers always pick the worst times to track down celebrities and snap their picture.
  • Was inspired to become an Ambassador for children's charity Unicef by Angelina Jolie and her idol Audrey Hepburn. (December 5, 2003)
  • Is risking her Hollywood career by refusing to lose weight – She’s been told by movie bosses she risks missing out on top film roles unless she reduces the size of her shapely figure, but Liv insists she is happy with her weight and doesn't want to diet. (November 14, 2003)
  • Was among the rock stars, supermodels and Hollywood sensations who arrived by ferry on a Scottish island Friday, where dozens of paparazzi have camped to wait for fashion designer Stella McCartney, Paul McCartney's daughter, to tie the knot. (August 30, 2003)
  • Tyler's parents Bebe Buell and Steven Tyler were not invited to her Caribbean wedding to rocker Royston Langdon – Tyler and Buell are said to be distraught at the snub; however, the newlyweds are said to be planning a private reception for family and friends next month in New York. (April 14, 2003)
  • Liv Tyler's luscious lips are the most sought-after celebrity body part, according to an annual survey conducted by the Beverly Hills Institute For Aesthetic And Reconstructive Surgery in Los Angeles. (February 6, 2003)
  • Liv's mother named her after Liv Ullmann because she was on the cover of TV Guide the week Liv was born.
  • A cameo role in EVERYONE SAYS I LOVE YOU (1996), a musical directed by Woody Allen was cut; Allen was impressed enough by her performance to write a personal letter explaining that her part was cut in editing.
  • Her half-sister, Mia Tyler, is a fashion model for Lane Bryant.
  • ARMAGEDDON (1998) opened on her 21st Birthday.
  • Aerosmith's video for Crazy, in which Liv co-starred with Alicia Silverstone, was voted #23 in VH1's top 100 music videos of all time.
  • Rebelled against her wild parents - by growing up to become a well-behaved good girl.
  • Was particularly grateful when the 15-month long LORD OF THE RINGS shoot wrapped - because she could get her curves back.
  • Her secret to a successful relationship is spending time apart.
  • During filming of THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS (2001), she left her pair of prosthetic ears on the dashboard of her car. When she returned they had melted.
  • Liv Tyler wore shoulder pads in her bra during filming of ONE NIGHT AT MCCOOL'S (2001).
  • She had trouble with her lines in Elvish and was unable to film a whole scene in one go, instead having to learn the dialogue one line at a time (THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS (2001)).
  • Was nominated Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actress - Sci-Fi in 1999 for ARMAGEDDON.
  • Nickname: Liver
  • Never took acting lessons
  • Cut her hair short in 1998 for COOKIE's FORTUNE
  • Dyed her hair red in 1999 for ONE NIGHT AT MCCOOL'S
  • Did several commercials including: Bongo Jeans, Pantene Shampoo, Lux Shampoo and others
  • Started smoking cigarettes at the age 15, and quit smoking at the age of 25
  • Says she likes tall, skinny guys with messy hair
  • Is taller than her boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend
  • Her mom Bebe Buell was a famous model and a Rock & Roll groupie. She used to hang out with many Rock & Roll stars, and in fact she's a Rock & Roll singer herself.
  • Eye color: blue
  • Her grandmother Dorothea Johnson (Bebe's mother) is an etiquette consultant and manages an etiquette school in Washington. And she was a model too!
  • Turned down twice the role in Armageddon
  • Her half-sister Mia is a plus-size model
  • Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. (1997)
  • Is dyslexic.
  • Is a vegetarian.
  • Godmother to Keith Richards' son Marlon Richards
  • Hates piercings and tattoos.
  • Voted the 6th Sexiest Female Movie Star in the Australian Empire Magazine September 2002.
  • Raised by her mother and rock musician Todd Rundgren, who she thought was her father until age 8, when she learned Steven Tyler was her biological father
  • Was offered a part in HEAVY but a few weeks later was cast in SILENT FALL which caused a scheduling conflict. HEAVY Director James Mangold wanted Liv for the part so much, he postponed filming until she was available.
  • Owns a 1954 jukebox
  • Nominated for Outstanding Performance by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion Picture at Screen Actors Guild Awards for THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS (2003)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Performance by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion Picture at Screen Actors Guild Awards for THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING (2002)
  • Nominated for Best On-Screen Duo at MTV Movie Awards for ARMAGEDDON (1999) - shared with Ben Affleck
  • Nominated for Best Female Performance at MTV Movie Awards for ARMAGEDDON (1999)
  • Ewan Mc Gregor

    Name: Ewan McGregor
    Birth Name: Ewan Gordon McGregor
    Height: 5' 10 1/2"
    Sex: M
    Nationality: Scotish
    Birth Date: March 31, 1971
    Birth Place: Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland, U.K.
    Profession: actor
    Education: Morrison's Academy in Crieff, Scotland Perth Repertory Theatre in Scotland
    Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London
    Husband/Wife: Eve Mouvrakis (French production designer; born on June 22, 1966; met while filming for Kavanagh QC in 1994; married on July 22, 1995)
    Father: James McGregor (teacher)
    Mother: Carol McGregor (teacher)
    Brother: Colin McGregor (Royal Air Force pilot; born in 1969)
    Uncle: Denis Lawson (actor; born on September 27, 1947)
    Daughter: Esther Rose (born on November 7, 2001 in London, England, UK), Clara Mathilde (born in February 1996)
    Claim to fame: as Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)

    Ewan was born on March 31, 1971, in Perth Royal Hospital, Scotland. He was the second son of teachers Jim and Carol McGregor. His brother Colin, a tornado fighter pilot, is two years older than him. Ewan grew up in the small town of Crieff in Perthshire, and was privately educated at Morrison's Academy. Music played a big part in young Ewan's life. He mastered drums, guitar, and the French horn and played in the school's pipe band, a ceilidh band, and had a rock group called Scarlet Pride, Elvis Presley was his idol.

    Ewan McGregor left school at 16 to pursue acting, and by the age of 23 was getting attention from critics and fans for his roles in Shallow Grave (1994) and Trainspotting (1996). Quickly tagged as an up-and-comer, McGregor tackled a range of roles: he appeared in the period piece Emma (1996), the glam-rock drama Velvet Goldmine (1998), the mainstream Hollywood action feature Black Hawk Down (2001, with Josh Hartnett) and the stylish musical Moulin Rouge! (2001, with Nicole Kidman). Perhaps most famously, he played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequels of the George Lucas series Star Wars. McGregor appeared in Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999) and Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002) and is scheduled to appear in the third episode, to be released in 2005. His other films include Down With Love (2003, co-starring Renee Zellweger) and Tim Burton's Big Fish (2004). No one could have foreseen when Ewan left Crieff how big a star he'd become. As well as his five-million-pound Star Wars role, his credits include A Life Less Ordinary, Rogue Trader, Velvet Goldmine to name a few.

    Although he lives in London with his French set designer wife Eve Mavrakis and their daughter Clara, Ewan's heart will always be in Crieff. To his family, he's still a lovable, down-to-earth lad, completely unaffected by fame and fortune, even though he's starring in one of the biggest movies in cinema history.

    2007 The Tourist
    2007 Jackboots on Whitehall
    2007 Cassandra's Dream
    2007 Number Thirteen
    2006 Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker
    2006 Scenes of a Sexual Nature
    2006 The Doctor, The Tornado & The Kentucky Kid
    2006 Miss Potter
    2005 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
    2005 The Island
    2005 Valiant
    2005 The Island
    2005 Stay
    2005 Robots
    2004 Long Way Round [TV Series]
    2003 Down With Love
    2003 Faster
    2003 Big Fish
    2003 Young Adam
    2002 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
    2002 In the Wild: The Polar Bears of Churchill with Ewan McGregor
    2001 Moulin Rouge
    2001 Black Hawk Down
    2001 R2-D2: Beneath the Dome
    2000 Killing Priscilla
    2000 Nora
    1999 Desserts
    1999 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
    1999 Eye of the Beholder
    1998 Rogue Trader
    1998 Velvet Goldmine
    1998 Nightwatch
    1998 Little Voice
    1997 The Serpent's Kiss
    1997 ER: The Long Way Around
    1997 A Life Less Ordinary
    1996 The Pillow Book
    1996 Brassed Off
    1996 Trainspotting
    1996 Emma
    1995 Blue Juice
    1994 Shallow Grave
    1993 Lipstick on Your Collar
    1993 Scarlet & Black

    2000 Nora

    1999 Tube Tales

    Golden Globe
    2001 Best Actor - Musical or Comedy Moulin Rouge

  • Has received an apology from the Australian underwear firm which outed him as a fan of their Wonderjock pants. (May 22, 2007)
  • Will earn a mere $790 a week at a London stage — standard minimum wage for actors in Britain — playing Shakespeare’s arch villain Iago in Othello. (May 14, 2007)
  • Decided to see a hypnotherapist to help him finally quit smoking. (November 25, 2006)
  • McGregor and Colin Farrell are set to star in Woody Allen's next film, set in London, as brothers who turn to crime. (May 18, 2006)
  • Scottish actor Ewan McGregor adopts orphan from Mongolia – The STAR WARS star and his wife Eve Mavarkis have adopted a 4-year-old girl from Mongolia. I can confirm Ewan McGregor and his wife Eve Mavrakis have adopted the girl but cannot comment further, a spokesperson for the couple told People magazine. McGregor, 35, and Mavrakis, 39, met on the set of the British TV series Kavanaugh QC. They married in 1995 and have two biological daughters Esther, 4, and Clara, 1.
  • Is among the stars singing on new album Unexpected Dreams: Songs From The Stars to benefit the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra. (February 18, 2006)
  • Offers budding actors to get acting lessons from him at the Actors Center in London for just $68 a class. (October 1, 2005)
  • Is named the actor with the sexiest bottom on film for his nude scene in VELVET GOLDMINE according to a poll carried out by Odeon cinemas. (#9) (August 17, 2005)
  • Has defended his aggressive outburst at London premiere of THE ISLAND when a cheeky journalist asked him about his critically-mauled performance as an American in the movie, and replied he had no plans to abandon the accent. (August 11, 2005)
  • Has revealed that he was a miserable drunk, who quit booze because it was killing his career. (July 6, 2005)
  • Helped open UNICEF children's summit called C-8 in Scotland. (July 5, 2005)
  • Says he's amazed, if not a bit frightened, about STAR WARS die hard enthusiasts who have big meets and conventions. (May 12, 2005)
  • Denied reports he is disappointed with the recent Star Wars films, insisting the process of working on the sci-fi saga is simply hard work. (May 5, 2005)
  • Currently starring in a West End theatre production of 'Guys and Dolls', McGregor has barred STAR WARS fans from trying to get his autograph near the stage door because he doesn't want them clashing with theatre goers who wanted their programs signed. (April 18, 2005)
  • Former roommate of Jude Law.
  • His first name is pronounced you-in.
  • In the film MOULIN ROUGE (2001) McGregor sang alongside Nicole Kidman.
  • Originally up for the lead role in THE BEACH (2000), which would have reunited him with director Danny Boyle and screenwriter John Hodge (I) who collaborated with McGregor on SHALLOW GRAVE (1994), TRAINSPOTTING (1996) and A LIFE LESS ORDINARY (1997). The role went to Leonardo DiCaprio. While McGregor blames studio influence for the casting descision he has not spoken to either Boyle nor Hodge since.
  • Auditioned for the part of Mercutio for ROMEO + JULIET. Director Baz Luhrman later worked with Ewan in the film MOULIN ROUGE (2001).
  • During filming STAR WARS: EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENACE (1999), he made lightsaber noises as he dueled. It was noted and corrected during post production.
  • He and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers sang their own songs in VELVET GOLDMINE (1998). (Some of Rhys-Meyers' songs were overdubbed by Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke.)
  • He studied many of Alec Guinness' films, including the original STAR WARS, to ensure accuracy in everything from his accent to pacing of his words
  • His mother, Carole, has a cameo in SHALLOW GRAVE (1994) as one of the prospective flatmates.
  • Offered, but turned down, the part of Neo in MATRIX (1994).
  • To play the skinny heroin-addicted Renton in TRAINSPOTTING (1996), he was placed on a simple diet consisting of no alcohol or dairy products in order to lose weight. It only took him two months to reach Renton's desired size.
  • Was nominated Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Actor - Action/Science Fiction in 2000 for STAR WARS: EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENACE and Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series in 1997 for ER.
  • His daughter Esther Rose McGregor was born in late 2001.
  • His claim to fame was not STAR WARS, Ewan McGregor is actually a highly proclaimed actor in both Europe and the states, starring in many films such as TRAINSPOTTING, A LIFE LESS ORDINARY, EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, EMMA, and several others.
  • McGregor has patched up his differences with director Danny Boyle as Boyle seeks to reunite the stars of cult movie TRAINSPOTTING for a sequel. (October 25, 2002)
  • Quit smoking before filming STAR WARS
  • Nominated for Best Kiss at MTV Movie Awards for MOULIN ROUGE! (2002) - shared with Nicole Kidman
  • Nominated for Outstanding Performance by the Cast of a Theatrical Motion Picture at Screen Actors Guild Awards for MOULIN ROUGE! (2002)
  • Nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy at Golden Globe Awards for MOULIN ROUGE! (2002)
  • Nominated for Best Fight at MTV Movie Awards for STAR WARS: EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENACE (2000)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Cast at Screen Actors Guild Awards for LITTLE VOICE (1999)
  • Nominated for Best Dance Sequence at MTV Movie Awards for A LIFE LESS ORDINARY (1998) - shared with Cameron Diaz
  • Nominated for Best Breakthrough Performance at MTV Movie Awards for TRAINSPOTTING (1997)
  • Nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series at Emmy Awards for ER (1997)