Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ben Affleck

Name: Ben Affleck
Birth Name: Benjamin Geza Affleck
Height: 6' 2½
Sex: M
Nationality: American
Birth Date: August 15, 1972
Birth Place: Berkeley, California, USA
Profession: actor
Education: University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont (dropped out after one semester)
Occidental College, Eagle Rock, California (was attending when he made School Ties in 1992; dropped out after one year; studied Middle Eastern Studies)
Husband/Wife: Jennifer Garner (actress; b. April 17, 1972; dating since 2004; married on June 29, 2005 at the Parrot Cay resort in the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos)
Relationship: Jennifer Lopez (actress; b. July 24, 1970; July 2002-January 2004), Gwyneth Paltrow (actress; b. September 28, 1972; dated 1998-2000), Cheyenne Rothman (dated on and off since high school)
Father: Tim Affleck (drug rehab counselor; divorced)
Mother: Chris (teacher; divorced)
Brother: Casey Affleck (actor; born on August 12, 1975; married in June 2006)
Sister in law: Summer Phoenix (actress; born on December 10, 1978; siblings: Joaquin and River Phoenix)
Daughter: Violet Anne Affleck (born on December 1, 2005 at 6:26, mother: Jennifer Garner)
Claim to fame: as the writer of Good Will Hunting (1997)

Benjamin Geza Affleck was born on August 15th, 1972 in Berkeley, California. HisFather works in a Drug rehabilitation hospital in California and his mother is aTeacher in Cambridge. His younger brother (and only sibling), Casey, is also anactor and co-starred with Ben in Good Will Hunting.When Affleck was very young his family relocated to the Boston area. This is wherehe broke into acting. At the age of eight he starred in PBS’s marine biology-themed''The Voyage of the Mimi.'' He also struck up a friendship with Matt Damon, a boy twoyears older than himself who lived down the street.After Graduating high school the young Affleck dabbled in higher education at boththe University of Vermont and California’s Occidental College. He found it all toorestricting and opted to give Hollywood a try. He landed parts in made-for-TV moviesand had a small role in ''School Ties'' in 1992 which also featured Matt Damon. Benfollowed with work in ''Dazed and Confused'' (1993), and ''Mallrats'' in 1995.

Affleck began feeling frustrated with the lack of substantial roles he found inTinseltown. He received a phone call from long time friend Matt Damon. Damonwanted Ben to help him work on a screen play he had started while at Harvard.Affleck agreed and together they came up with a brilliant story that featured them inthe lead characters. However, it was Afflecks brother, Casey, who introduced the pairto director Gus Van Sant. Van Sant had directed Casey in ''To Die For.'' Thanks toVan Sant’s interest the script was picked up by Miramax and in 1997 ''Good WillHunting'' was realized.The movie was a huge success and so were Affleck and Damon. They won theOscar for Best Original Screenplay. Ben became one of Hollywoods most promisingyoung men. He also gained a lot of attention for his ongoing relationship with GwynethPaltrow.

He continued to keep busy with enormous success in Oscar winner ''Shakespeare inLove'' starring Gwyneth Paltrow and the block buster ''Armegedon'' (1999) oppositeLiv Tyler and Bruce Willis. He has continued with a dizzying pace, appearing in''Forces of Nature,'' ''Boiler Room,'' ''Daddy and Them'', and reuniting with Damon in''Dogma.''You can currently catch him in ''Deception'' co-staring Charlize Theron, as an ex-contrying to mend his ways. He has also tried his hand at directing a short feature with theprovocative title I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Her on a Meathook, and Now I havea Three-Picture Deal at Disney.

2007 Smokin' Aces
2006 Clerks II
2006 Hollywoodland
2005 Man About Town
2004 How's Your News? On the Campaign Trail
2004 Jersey Girl
2004 Saturday Night Live: Ben Affleck [2]
2004 Surviving Christmas
2003 Daredevil
2003 Paycheck
2003 Project Greenlight: Season 02
2003 The Curse of the Bambino
2003 Gigli
2002 Changing Lanes
2002 The Sum of All Fears
2002 The Third Wheel
2001 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
2001 Pearl Harbor
2001 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
2001 Daddy & Them
2000 Reindeer Games
2000 Boiler Room
2000 Joseph: King of Dreams
2000 Bounce
2000 Saturday Night Live: Ben Affleck [1]
1999 Forces of Nature
1999 Dogma
1999 200 Cigarettes
1998 Phantoms
1998 Armageddon
1998 Shakespeare in Love
1997 Going All the Way
1997 Chasing Amy
1997 Good Will Hunting
1996 Glory Daze
1995 Mallrats
1993 Dazed and Confused
1993 Against the Grain [TV Series]
1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
1992 School Ties
1991 Danielle Steel's 'Daddy'
1987 Hands of a Stranger
1986 Wanted: A Perfect Guy
1984 The Voyage of the Mimi [TV Series]

2007 Gone, Baby, Gone

Executive Producer
2006 Feast
2003 The Battle of Shaker Heights
2002 Push, Nevada [TV Series]
2002 Stolen Summer
2002 The Third Wheel
2002 Speakeasy

2001 Project Greenlight [TV Series]

2007 Gone, Baby, Gone
2002 Push, Nevada [TV Series]
1997 Good Will Hunting

1997 Best Original Screenplay Good Will Hunting

Broadcast Film Critics Association
2006 Best Supporting Actor Hollywoodland
1997 Best Original Screenplay Good Will Hunting

Chicago Film Critics Circle
2006 Best Supporting Actor Hollywoodland

Golden Globe
2006 Best Supporting Actor Hollywoodland
1997 Best Screenplay Good Will Hunting

National Board of Review
1997 Special Achievement Award Good Will Hunting

Venice International Film Festival
2006 Best Actor Hollywoodland

* Ben and Jennifer Garner had their daughter baptised. Violet, who turned one on December 1, was baptised on Christmas Eve at the United Methodist Christ Church, in Charleston.
* Ben wrote the introduction in the trade paper back of, Daredevil: Guardian Devil which contains Daredevil (Volume 2) #1–8.
* Ben is a big Daredevil fan.
* Ben was mentioned in I'll Sue Ya in "Weird Al" Yankovic's CD, Straight Outta Lynwood: with the lines... I sued Ben Affleck... Aw, do I even need a reason?
* Ben has Scotish and English ancestry on his father's side of the family and Irish ancestry on his mother's side of the family.
* Ben is reportedly leading a list of candidates to play ‘80s detective Magnum P.I in a movie version of the cult TV show.
* Ben joined the long list of celebrities lampooned by South Park. It happened in South Park episode 101 entitled "Fat Butt and Pancake Head."
* Ben recently listed his Los Angeles (Brentwood) home for sale for $4.99 million in December 2005, since he's currently residing with his wife, Jennifer Garner, and their baby. It is 4,500 square feet, and has five bedrooms. It also has partial ocean views.
* Ben and his friend Matt Damon sold their Academy Award winning script Good Will Hunting for $600,000.
* Ben was chosen as one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 2005.
* Ben's teeth are capped.
* When Ben was little, he asked his mom for a dog, and she tested him by making him walk an imaginary dog for a week. Ben only lasted for five days and didn't end up getting a real dog.
* Ben was accidently knocked unconscious by football player Dana Stubblefield during the filming of Reindeer Games. Stubblefield slipped, and Affleck was knocked down. He was taken to the hospital, but fully recovered.
* Ben owns vintage Ms. Pac-Man and Millipede video-arcade games.
* Ben was fined $135 for driving in Massachusetts with a suspended license.
* Ben runs an internet company with Matt Damon, LivePlanet.
* In 2001, Ben booked himself into the Promises Rehab Center in Malibu, due to his battle with alcoholism.
* Ben's movie Gigli, with former fiance Jennifer Lopez, has been called one of the worst movies of all time.
* Ben's father once served as a janitor for M.I.T. This was also the job of the lead character in Good Will Hunting.
* Ben attended Rindge And Latin High School with fellow actor Matt Damon.
* Ben brought his mom as his date when he won his Academy Award for Good Will Hunting.
* Ben's father, Tim, was an actor and director who worked and partied with Dustin Hoffman, and joined the Theatre Company Of Boston.
* In 2006, Ben will begin directing his first feature, Gone, Baby, Gone, which is based on the Dennis Lehane novel about two Boston area detectives investigating the kidnapping of a little girl.
* Ben is an avid poker player, regularly entering local events. He has been tutored by poker professionals Amir Vahedi and Annie Duke. He won the California State Poker Championship on June 20, 2004, taking home the first prize of $356,000, and qualifying him for the 2004 World Poker Tour final tournament.
* Ben had a brief but high-profile romance with actress Gwyneth Paltrow following her breakup with Brad Pitt.
* Ben currently resides in Santa Monica, California.
* Anticipating the stress of having a child, Ben has already planned a romantic get-away for him and wife Jennifer Garner come April 2006, sans baby.
* After Jennifer Garner mentioned seeing a beautiful $14,000 Sol Rafael diamond ring, Ben got his dad to hand-deliver the cash so he could get her the ring as quickly as possible.
* Ben loves his Bentleys (cost: $167,000). He drives at least three different ones!
* Ben invited Jennifer's mother, Pat, to be present for the birth of their first child.
* Ben hoped to snag the role of James Bond in the next Bond movie, but he lost out.
* Ben previously starred in ads for Burger King as a child actor and L'Oreal Elvive hair products in 2003.
* Ben has signed a $1.8 million deal to be the face of popular British deodorant Lynx (August 2005). Lynx is the European name of the American brand, Axe body spray.
* Ben wed actress Jennifer Garner on June 29, 2005 at a resort in the Caribbean.
* Ben is 6'2".
* Ben was engaged to pop singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. The high-profile couple was known as "Bennifer." Ben and wife Jennifer Garner are known as "Bennifer Part II."
* Ben is a huge fan of his hometown team, the Boston Red Sox. Like most Sox fans, he can't stand the New York Yankees.
* Ben's best friend is fellow actor and Bostonite Matt Damon.